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Weaving the emotional bond between your brand and consumers through thoughtful design and engaging content.

What's Your Story?


Your brand is your story. It's what makes you unique. It's the magic that attracts and engages people.

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Responsive Web Design

People access your website from any device. Make sure it's a safe, responsive, fast-loading and positive experience.

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Content Marketing

A website is as good as its content. Creating content that keeps audiences coming back for more is a must.

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Design, like life, is a matter of balance

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See a showcase of my work in logo design, visual communications, web design, branding, illustration, product design and content creation.

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What my clients are saying

  • “My kinesitherapy business has significantly increased thanks to Rodolphe's creativity and skills. I can't thank him enough.”
    Julie Paquet
  • “I was referred to Rodolphe to design my new logo and the experience was amazing. He really captured the essence of Espace Casa.”
    Camille Grenier
  • “I use Rodolphe's design skills to serve my clients and is a pleasure to work with as well as being really creative.”
    Serge Daigneault
  • “Rodolphe has been serving Trylon Apartments since 2002 and has greatly contributed to our brand and online success.”
    François Majewski
  • “As head of sales for Trylon Apartments, I call on Rodolphe on a regular basis... he's prompt, professional and fun to work with.”
    Nataliya Solomonyuk
  • “At Ullix Inc., we are proud of our new logo and the creative and professional work he did on our case study for the City of Montreal.”
    Serge Bouhadana
  • “We, at IMSK Institute, have been served exceptionally well by Rodolphe's creativity, proficiency and great attitude.”
    Dr. Muriel Haziza
  • “Rodolphe is a talented artist with beautiful generosity. I love his creativity. What he did with ‘Roxanne Jean’ is really beautiful. I’m so happy!”
    Roxanne Jean

Staying in tune with your customers.

Big brands use design as an advantage.

Wondering how to use design as an advantage to enhance and grow your business? Small or big, business is essentially about people, and the relationships they develop over time. For example, imagine the three following cases where someone offers you a gift:

Charlie is happy to offer you a gift, but he’s not too concerned about what he should get you and all the hoopla surrounding gift wrappings. So he offers you an envelope with cash inside and let’s you decide what you’d like to get yourself. That’s cool, but you’ll probably forget about the occasion once you stuff the money in your pocket.

Mary and John are also pleased to offer you a gift. They’ll take some time to consider what to get you. But because they’re very busy with family and other affairs, they’ll finally settle on a generic gift-wrapped present. Mary and John are relieved, you’re appreciative, and it’s one more gift added to the pile of things you’ve received.

Isabelle appreciates you and wants you to remember her. She puts in the extra effort and time to find out what your preferences are. She makes sure to impress you by offering you a memorable gift. She wraps it with exquisite fine paper, bow and ribbon, and includes a thoughtful message for a moment-seizing and lasting experience.

You see, taking the time to know who your customers are always leads to better insight on how and what to communicate to them. Such insight will spark a conversation and establish a lasting relationship. Expressing your message through thoughtful design ensures you stay in tune with your customers. And the best way to do that is with a distinctive brand image, engaging content, and a well designed website.


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