3-Step Strategy for Breakthrough Content Marketing

reWORD   •   APRIL 21, 2016

To market your business online, content marketing becomes essential. People overwhelmingly prefer valuable information over advertising when making purchasing decisions.

1. Give Your Readers a Cookie

Create high-quality content that trains your readers and listeners to keep receiving and opening your stuff. It rewards them for doing what you want them to do. Every piece of content you write has to solve a problem your audience cares about or entertain them. They should feel good when receiving things from you. Each piece of content is a cookie that rewards your audience for consuming it.

2. Position Yourself For Success

If you want to find more customers, you need to be someone worth doing business with. Your audience wants a smart, cool, trustworthy friend who understands how stuff works, someone who shares genuine experiences and leads by example.

3. Sell Smart

  • You’re building a content net that supports this sale and many sales after this one.
  • Use your content to address underlying objections that might keep someone from buying.
  • Share interesting stories about how others have benefited from your offering.
  • Use proven persuasion techniques to show your reader just how much they need your product or service.

Customers need to know, like, and trust you before they will buy. That’s why content marketing is so effective. You still want to ask for the order with a strong call to action. But keep the balance right. Use your content to build desire for your product and to create an unshakeable relationship with your audience. Then ask for the sale.

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