Book Cover Design – La persistence du destin

reWORD   •   APRIL 29, 2016

As I was rummaging through archived folders of my design projects, I came upon a book cover I designed back in 2013. It reminded me of when author Suzan Mercedes asked me if I would design and illustrate the cover of her first novel, which I was more than happy to do, as I recall, for it would give me a break from the bulk of web-based projects that took up most my time. And it offered me the opportunity to get back to some good old traditional, and yes, static layouts that don’t need to be responsive in any which sense.

The only demand she had was that I design the cover using a beautifully sensual painting by Andrius Kovelinas. All design elements would frame and revolve around his painting. The painting’s blue-green hues begged for a warm, creamy colour to create contrast and play off the skin tones in the painting. To harmoniously merge the creamy background with the painting, I superimposed graphically-illustrated foliage on the left side of the painting to avoid having just a square frame; giving the overall layout more depth and an organic feel, while melding the painting to the background.

For the typography, I used Futura Book and Futura Light for its clean sharp edges and circular geometry. I also designed the book marker as well as the logo “Édition du Grand Ruisseau”. It really felt good (for a short while at least) not having to worry about breaking points and other responsive issues that are now mandatory in today’s world of Responsive Web design.

Client: Éditions du Grand Ruisseau
Author: Suzan Mercedes
Project: Book cover design
Market Sector: Publishing
Art direction and graphic design: Rodolphe Charpentier
Cover painting: Andrius Kovelinas, artist

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