Flamenco de Luces, Los Jardines Perdidos Poster Design

reWORD   •   FEBRUARY 17, 2016

As like every year since 2013, Julia Cristina asks me to design the poster for the schools annual performance shows (Flamenco de Luces series). For her upcoming show, Los Jardines Perdidos, Julia and I met to discuss the concept and look over the photos of a recent shooting. I was immediately drawn to a series of photos taken by Gabriel Talbot. I imagined merging these static images into a flowing choreography to add a sense of movement.

Julia also wished for me to integrate a Mudejar-style theme inspired by the Arabian-Andalo architectural style to the poster’s design. After some research, I decided to incorporate a photo of a ceramic Mudejar motif ceiling (which I altered through FX treatment and layer modes) with a black gradient overlaid atop to create an intense and deep effect and increase contrast for better legibility.

The overall impression of the Mudejar motif image lends a deep rich beauty to the design and serves as a dramatic backdrop to the artistically styled letter forms of the title (Retoric Regular) and subtitle (Retoric Alternate).

The sweetest thing about it all is that we’re really happy with the result. Now, that’s sweet. Like I often say, good design is good business.

Project: Poster Design of the Los Jardines Perdidos Show
Client: Le Centre de danse Flamenco Julia Cristina

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