Going Completely Logo in January

reWORD   •   FEBRUARY 19, 2016

Istarted 2016 with two logo design mandates for two very different clients: Specialized Institute Musculoskeletal (IMSK), a medical clinic comprised of a group of physiatrists and orthopedic surgeons; and Espace CASA, founded by interior design consultant, Camille Grenier.

Logo Design for IMSK

For IMSK, Dr. Muriel Haziza needed a new logo for a newly created division specialized in musculoskeletal services. The key words were muscles, skeleton and articulations. My hand-crafted letter forms were inspired by the font AT Sackers Square Gothic, which I then disarticulated into long blue strokes to represent the muscles and skeleton, and orange wedges to symbolize the articulations. The sky-blue colour is meant to inspire tranquility, peace, calmness, harmony and serenity, whereas orange should lend a warm, social and jovial feeling to the logotype.

“We, at IMSK Institute, have been served exceptionally well by Rodolphe’s creativity, proficiency and great attitude.”

Logo Design for Espace CASA

In the case of Espace CASA, Camille wished to revamp her brand’s signature for a more professional, clean, elegant look. The challenge was to figure out how to layout and marry the many elements (espace; CASA; the slogan, Ambiance sur mesure) into a cohesive and balanced whole.

Gradually, the elements fell naturally into place and I started tweaking each typographic element to eliminate excess weight and achieve a perfect balance between letter forms and space. For the slogan, I used Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen (TrueType) for a more personal touch and to contrast against the clean and modern Univers Light-inspired letter forms of Espace CASA. The frame, which stems from the slogan, brings everything together and instills a sense of space to the logotype.

The Eureka! moment seized me when I overlapped the two words, espace and CASA; I then noticed the two overlapping C’s and decided to omit the c in espace. The result was exactly what was needed to give the logo its distinctive edge. Additionally, the combination of the letters C and e aligned and centred also created a new design element that could reference back to the logo and used for future marketing purposes. Black, Gold and Grey were chosen to impart a classic, distinguished and confident appeal.

“I was referred to Rodolphe to design my new logo and the experience was amazing. He really captured the essence of Espace Casa.”