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reWORD   •   NOVEMBER 13, 2015

Since 2002, Trylon Apartments Hotel hires me to take care of all of it’s marketing and branding needs for both Web and print as well as to stay in tune with the latest Web and marketing trends and developments. Within the hotel industry, one clear trend gaining ground since 2010 is the use of professional quality brand videos as a means of telling one’s narrative. Surveys revealed that hotel websites with videos featuring rooms, lifestyle and guest testimonials increased bookings by 75%.

Convinced of the effectiveness of integrating video to its Website, Trylon asked me to create and write a story that would feature the quality of the accommodations as well as the affectionate bond that is formed between Trylon and its guests.

My first action was to talk with long-time staff employees to dig up stories of clients and their experiences at Trylon. I needed to find the gist of the story that would spark an emotional response and establish a connection. It needed to be believable yet exciting!

One story that stood out from the lot was the story of Stephanie, from France, who had been visiting Montreal and staying at Trylon once a year for well over ten years. In fact, she was so fond of Montreal and pleased with Trylon’s quality lodging that she actually decided to come live in Montreal to further her studies while living at Trylon. Following her studies and after having moved back to France, she later wrote a letter to Trylon thanking them for her wonderful experience during her stay at Trylon.

Inspired by the story, I drafted a quick outline and headlined it with the title: PS: Love From Paris. I presented the story to Trylon and it was a quick sell. From there, Trylon hired professional broadcast-quality video specialist DBN Studios to help me produce a short film featuring Stephanie who recounts her experience while living at Trylon.

My job was to write the script, which I probably revised a dozen times throughout the production, and make sure that the storyline focused on the quality of the service and family-like relationship between Trylon and its guests.

Among the challenges I dealt with was having to write the story in both French and English. The title wasn’t a problem for obvious reasons. For the rest, well, it’s all part of being professional and finding solutions while remaining creative and true to the client’s objectives and strategy.

Client: Trylon Apartments Hotel
Project: Short Story Brand Video
Concept, Script and Art Direction: Rodolphe Charpentier
Director: André Rousseau
Producer: Claude Labrecque (DBN Studios)

CLIENT OBJECTIVE: Enhance the quality of the site’s content in order to increase bookings through online reservations on the website.
SOLUTION: Create and integrate a series of short film videos featuring a real life testimonial and the quality of the service and accommodations.

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