Your Competitors Don’t Really Matter

reWORD   •   SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Obsessing over your competition and trying to anticipate their every move in order to gain or maintain an edge is likely to lead you to overpowering stress and anxiety. In such a state, it’s much harder to focus on your vision and grow your company, product or service.

In any case, obsessing over what your competitors are doing is a meaningless activity because you have absolutely no control over what they do. The competitors you share your market with today may be entirely different competitors you deal with tomorrow. Why torment yourself over something you have no control over?

The most damaging outcome of focusing on THEM instead of YOU is that you end up compromising your vision. And that means your venture to create something fresh is drastically diminished because you dilute your vision with other people’s ideas. That just leads you to creating the same products and services your rivals make, but in a different shade.

If your grand design is to create the “iPad killer”, well… fuggedaboutit! You don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of succeeding because you’re not defining the rules and setting the parameters, your competition is. And you simply won’t win if you can’t redefine the rules to your advantage.

Instead of wasting valuable time and resources trying to outdo your rivals, or worst yet, imitate what they’re doing, you should focus on your vision and dedicate your time understanding your customers and improving your product and service accordingly. This is how you’ll gain a real edge on your competition. By being original and faithful to your vision.